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Re: custom kernel without initrd and with udev


Dom a écrit :
> On 07/07/12 00:08, Mike McClain wrote:
>>      While surely no expert I've been building my own kernels for
>> a long time with little trouble but with a recent install of
>> 'Squeeze' I'm stumped. I've built, reconfigured, built again for
>> several days now. No joy. I've spent hours Googling for any and
>> everybody's thoughts on the error: 'Kernel panic - not syncing:
>> VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)' with little luck.

What are the lines preceding the error ?

>>      Is anyone running a custom kernel without an initrd with udev?

Yes, I am. I am also running a custom kernel without an initrd and
without udev (which was one purpose of the custom kernel, no dependency
on udev).

> Yes, I am. Although I believe there are some circumstances where this 
> may not be possible. eg. where something else needs to be started in 
> order to mount the root filesystem first.

Such circumstances include :
- root is on a software RAID (md) volume with 1.x meta-data
- root is on an LVM volume
- root is on an encrypted volume
- root is specified by the bootloader as a LABEL or UUID

>> Any tips, pointers will be appreciated.
> Make sure that *all* filesystem and device drivers for your root 
> partition are compiled directly into the kernel - not as modules.

Also make sure that the root= option passed by the bootloader to the
kernel command line specifies the root as a device name /dev/sdXY and
not as a LABEL or UUID which the kernel does not understand.

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