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Re: Bridging eth0/br0 & NetworkManager - can they coexist?

On Mon, 02 Jul 2012 17:14:02 +0100, Steve Dowe wrote:

> I'm sorry for the tardy response - IceDove hid a load of Debian list
> mail in "Junk".
> On 29/06/12 18:06, Camaleón wrote:
>> Maybe is time now for you to tell us more about the kind of VM you are
>> planning to use...
> Testing on the same subnet :)

Yes but what solution? KVM, VMware, Xen, VirtualBox...
>> I still don't see the relation of using N-M and the possibility of
>> having multiple IP addresses :-?
> There is no direct relationship.
> Basically, you need eth0 bridged (using br0) to allow other virtual
> machines to pick up an IP address on your real network.

Well, not in VirtualBox (or not at least not when using a windows host), 
that should be a requirement coming from whatever VM solution are you 

> If NM were capable of controlling br0, you could retain the flexibility
> of using NM for all networking with having the convenience of using
> various NICs in virtual machines as desired.
> But evidently NM doesn't manage br0, so you have to drop control of any
> ethernet functionality and just use NM for wireless.

You will get more flexibility (and reliability) when using "/etc/
networking/interfaces" :-)

>> Well, for this scenario, I wouldn't use N-M regardless the linux
>> distribution, not just Debian. N-M is aimed for laptops or mobile
>> devices.
> I'm using a laptop :)

A laptop with server-like advanced networking/routing needings is so not 
a "plain" laptop with two/tree NICs (ethernet, wireless and umts, for 
instance) ;-)


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