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Re: unique install question? (Squeeze audio install using the Wheezy-di from a USB drive)

On 12/06/12 12:57, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> I agree on changing the subject line, especially since Richard also
> removed the on point question.
> As for avoiding the post containing the information I got regarding
> changing the boot priorities and installing squeeze instead of wheezy
> from the debian accessibility wiki, I hope no one avoids it.  serves to
> clarify why I was trying to do what I am still trying to do.

*Yes - you can install Squeeze using Wheezy*, despite what some have
claimed it doesn't require downgrading from Wheezy as no Wheezy packages
are ever installed (the ability is nothing new to Debian).

Yes the software synth works in Wheezy.

You'll still (probably) need the first Squeeze DVD/CD even though you
won't use the installer from it - you'll probably still use the packages.

You won't need to install all the "images" - during the install you'll
be asked if you have additional CD/DVDs. Answer "yes" and add the first
Squeeze DVD/CD, rinse and repeat until all Squeeze DVD/CDs are added.

Your install will then have a full list of the packages you have
available locally. Just install what you need. Their are almost 20K
packages on those DVDs with considerable replication (umpteen desktop
environments alone, not just GNOME).

This won't free you from updates. New updates are issued to fix
functional and security bugs. If you never connect to the internet you
may never need updates - or you could just use apt-zip or a similar
mechanism to download updates on someone else's machine and transfer
them to yours.

You mention not being able to boot from DVD(?) Just use the Wheezy
install image to create a USB install. Instructions are on
wiki.debian.org.  Make sure you have driver support included for your
audio device.....

Hope I covered everything there.

Kind regards


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