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Solved sort of - Re: Waiting for xserver to begin looking for connections........

>Thanks for your help Chris and you also Brian. But I think that it's
>something to do with my /home partition and I'm going to format it and
>reinstall again and see if something changes.

>I have backups of the files and data, so will not lose anything.

>Thanks for your help. It's appreciated.

Apologies especially to Chris and Brian, for my tardiness in the follow
up to this post.

I didn't reinstall the system.

What I did what was almost as "sledge hammer to crack a nut" though.

I just removed all my "." [dot] directories and other than .xsessionrc,
rebooted the system and went on from there.

I know I should have renamed them of just removed the "." one by one to
discover the culprit. I would have helped someone else as well as

However, as it is with most of these things, I just got sick of it and
decided to use haste instead of speed and get it done.

I hadn't manually made any changes, so the system made the changes
after an upgrade. But didn't correct itself after a couple more
upgrades. So I used that method to get back into being able to use the
lappy in GUI mode as User instead of Root.

Thanks to both of you for your time and your help, it was appreciated.

Stay well,
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