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Re: what did hwinfo do to my machine?

Hi Dan!

After reading the complete thread up to know some more ideas that I didn´t 
found explicitely mentioned.

Am Montag, 4. Juni 2012 schrieb Dan B.:
> After I ran hwinfo (to detect a modem), my machine runs very slowly at
> the beginning of booting.

Is the modem still plugged in? If so, please remove it and try again.

> (GRUB takes about 8 seconds between displaying the the "Welcome to
> GRUB!" text and the "error: fd0 read error." text, and another 25
> seconds for the screen to go blank on the way to displaying the menu.

Has there been any updates while doing the hwinfo thing? Sometimes one 
thinks it must be that thing and forgets about other change to the system 
in the same time frame. So any GRUB or kernel updates recently?

> Kernel booting might be slow for the first dozen or so messages; after
> that, everything seems to be fine.)
> What the heck did hwinfo do to my machine?

I don´t know. I never saw such a effect. I always thought hwinfo was read 
only, but could be that for probing old style ISA devices and other 
cumbersome stuff it pokes around somewhere.

> I thought hwinfo's probing changed some BIOS setting that maybe slowed
> down the CPU, but I reset the BIOS to default and re-set what I had
> set before, but that didn't seem to make any difference.
> Now I wonder if hwinfo changed some persistent setting in my disks.
> What tools are there to look at any settings of SATA disks?

I am not aware of any "I behave as I am slower than usual" persistent 
setting of harddisks. You could run a hdparm -I on the disk and look 
whether anything is unusual there.

Although its already mentioned, I mention it again:

Also the harddisk could have gone bonkers just in the moment you did the 
hwinfo thing - even by sheer coincidence without any relation to one 
another - so I´d check whether output of smartctl -a looks sane. A 
harddisk trying to read some blocks again and again and again could slow 
everything down that reads from disk.

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de
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