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Re: Programs for direct friend-to-friend file transfer?

On Fri, 01 Jun 2012 22:51:12 -0700, Aubrey Raech wrote:

> Sometimes I have the need to send files that are too large for email to
> a friend directly (such as recordings of music I am working on, or
> similar projects). I'm wondering if there is a program that I could use
> for direct transfer, hopefully with these qualifications:
> 1. Not a proper server (http, ftp)
> 2. No usernames? (scp, rsync)
> 3. Preferably does not require a chat protocol (XMPP, IRC's DCC)
> - From what I can find it seems like XMPP would probably be the best bet
> for this... is there no program you can run with something like a -
> --listen to listen for a connection on one end, and then run the program
> with the destination IP from the other? Something along those lines?
> Any and all advice/recommendations are appreciated!

I don't get it.

Do you need a system for sending big files to a recipient or something 
else (such music streaming)?

For just sending larger files I would use an external public service 
(that you can mount by yor own means or one of those you can share with 
zillion users, e.g., Sendspace, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc...) but this 
seems to be confronting with your first point :-?



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