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can't copy/paste between gpm and emacs on virtual console/consoles

In Squeeze, in virtual consoles, I can't copy and paste between gpm
and emacs (emacs-nox) as I could in Sarge.

Trying to select and paste with the mouse in virtual consoles seems to
show that emacs now recognizes virtual console mouse events and hooks
them into its usual copy/paste mechanism.

(Selecting text (by left-buttom-dragging) in a VC not displaying emacs
(via gpm) and then middle-clicking to try to paste into emacs in a VC
pastes text previously selected in emacs instead of the text just
selected via GPM).  Similarly, drag-selecting text in emacs in a VC and
then middle-click pasting into a VC not displaying emacs pastes text
previously selected via gpm insert of the text just selected via emacs.

In the "good old days," middle-click pasting to emacs in a virtual
console would paste the text most recently selected by dragging in any
virtual console.)

How can I restore the old behavior (so that I can, say, select text in
emacs and then paste that text into a shell (on another VC, or in the
same VC after backgrounding emacs))?

Where is emacs' configuration of its handling of virtual console mouse
events?  What do I set/unset to disable it?



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