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Re: how are you kids compiling kernels these days?

On Wed, 30 May 2012 22:43:21 -0500, Paul Johnson wrote:

> I've not built LInux kernels since, well, 1999, when I ran RedHat linux
> (before EL existed).  I've compiled separate modules for the touchpad
> many times lately, but never a whole kernel.  And never on a Debian
> system.
> Now I've got a laptop with an Intel Centrino Ultimate 6300 wireless
> device and it has been very unstable when joining wireless networks. I
> complained about it in the intel wireless support page and today a
> technician answered me back with a kernel patch.
> http://bugzilla.intellinuxwireless.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2346
> This is a pretty serious request, I'm willing to try, but I wish
> somebody who has done this recently would share the experience.


What I do is getting the kernel source from Debian (or upstream 
www.kernel.org) and then apply the patches ("patch -p1 < file.patch"), 
then run make to build the modules ("make /net/wireless/") or if that 
fails, you can compile the full kernel with a minimal set of modules by 
using "localmodconfig" to generate the .config file.

> I found this:
> http://wiki.debian.org/HowToRebuildAnOfficialDebianKernelPackage

I used to follow this one:


Although it needs some tweaks but basically works pretty well.

> its about rebuilding kernels in the 2.6 era. Are there problems in
> translating this to 3.2?  I can't even get out of the starting gate. How
> to apt-get the kernel source?
> I'm running Debian testing.
> How to get the kernel source?


You can also grab it manually:




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