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Re: laptop battery cycling

acpi -b  (?)



Doug wrote:
On 05/27/2012 09:57 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
On 28/05/12 11:37, Robert Holtzman wrote:
For the record, I'm running a Lenovo T420i with a 6 cell battery.

In the past I've been told that it's bad practice to run a laptop on
AC with the battery installed because it would cause reduced battery
Your Li-ion battery will have a longer life if it's stored in a well
sealed plastic bag in the 'fridge with a 40% charge than on constant
maintenance (trickle) charge plugged into the laptop. Take it out of the
'fridge and fully charge prior to using. Keep it in the 'fridge state
when running on mains.

I've often wondered, after reading this advice time and time again:
how do you determine that the battery has a 40% charge?


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