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Re: Chromium add-ons & extensions

On Wed, 23 May 2012 09:05:26 -0500, John W. Foster wrote:

> Just a quick check from the group...Is it true that Google is the only
> place to get add-ons & extensions for Linux Chromium. 

Well, being a perpetual beta (development) piece of code I see no point 
for having a specific place where to get add-ons or extensions, neither 
from Debian nor even from Google... they'd break alsmot every day. As I 
see it, plugins and add-ons are focused for the stable version (Chrome).

> I have found no references to other sites, just Google. 

Something similar happens with Firefox and other Mozilla programs: you 
can get the add-ons and extensions directly from the official site.

> Seems odd to me that there is no Debian repository for these, perhaps
> that have no Google tools built into them. Or is Linux Chromium just a
> sterilized version of Google Chrome rather than Chrome being and
> "enhanced" version of Chromium. Just wondering & NOT being critical.

Not linux Chromium but the Chromium project itself, I think it's targeted 
to developers more than end users.



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