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SOLVED: Re: Wheezy: VLC player weirdness

--- On Mon, 5/14/12, T Elcor <telcor@yahoo.com> wrote:

> For some reason VLC player refuses to play video files. It
> starts up, shows the first frame of the video but doesn't
> play it further. What's strange, KDE DragonPlayer plays the
> same videos fine and I believe DragonPlayer relies on VLC
> libraries to play videos.
> Any ideas? Thanks

The VLC player is working fine now after updating the system to the latest packages in wheezy and manually removing old obsolete packages that can no longer be downloaded. I had a couple of those.

# aptitude show vlc
Package: vlc                             
Version: 2.0.1-4+b2

# aptitude show phonon-backend-vlc
Package: phonon-backend-vlc              
Version: 0.5.0-1

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