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Re: Brightness doesn't get restored after AC reconnect on HP ProBook

On Sat, 19 May 2012 22:48:22 +0300, Adrian Fita wrote:

> Hi. On my laptop, a HP ProBook 4515s, the brightness doesn't get
> restored after I reconnect the power cable.

Under what environment (none, a window manager, full DE...)? 

What Debian flavor (stable, testing...)? 

And can you still manually adjust it?

> Can anyone tell me against which package to file a bug about this? I
> really don't know whose job this is supposed to be...

You have not provided enough data. Your environment, how/what it manages 
the power settings of your screen or if you have set a specific power-
saving profile in place... do matter alot :-)

JFYI, I'm running wheezy and my netbook (hp-compaq) does not dim the 
screen when I remove the power cord but I remember this was configurable 
from GNOME 2 (under the power manager preferences) though I've lost the 
track now in GNOME 3.



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