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Re: WiFi issues after upgrade on Sid, wlan0 ; No such device

On Thu, 10 May 2012 19:02:30 -0700, John Magolske wrote:

> I'm running Sid on my ThinkPad X200s, and after an `aptitude upgrade`
> the WiFi is experiencing intermittent problems. Pretty sure it's not the
> hardware, as I've never experienced these issues before and this started
> happening exactly after the upgrade.


> Sometimes it doesn't work:
>     % iwconfig
>     lo        no wireless extensions.
>     eth0      no wireless extensions.


> This uses the iwlagn driver, tried to remove & re-add it:
>     % sudo rmmod iwlagn
>     Error: Module iwlagn is in use


lsmod | grep iwlagn

Wifi driver modules usually depend on others and you have to remove all 
of them to satisfy their dependencies and they can be unloaded 
successfully (as root, "modinfo iwlagn | grep depends" will tell you more 
about this).

> I'm wondering if a more up-to-date Kernel might solve the problem:
>     % uname -a
>     Linux ... 2.6.38-grml #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue May 24 15:10:58 UTC
>     2011 i686 GNU/Linux


Mmm, why is that you are using such an old kernel? :-?



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