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Re: Overcoming Debian(Linux?) paranoia - a gnome-ppp example

On 12/05/12 13:39, Richard Owlett wrote:
> I understand that historically Linux's roots are in a *MASSIVELY*
> multi-user environment.
> *BUT* I'm a single user on an inherently physically secure single user
> laptop.
> [As an aside to an ongoing thread, my primary internet access is via a
> analog 56K dial-up modem ;]
> I just installed Debian 6.0.4 using Synaptic to add gnome-ppp.
> My first attempt to configure my modem failed *SILENTLY* (but's another
> gripe;)

It may be relevant - it would be useful if you could post any relevant
output, info from logs etc.

> Being inherently suspicious, I chose 'root terminal'.
> Then executed gnome-ppp.
> All went fine.
> That established I had a "permissions" issue 

Could you be more specific please?

Generally your user should be in the dip group (and the dialup group for
connection scripts).

> :<
> I then did
>   man gnome-ppp
> Received *NO _USEFUL_ info!!!*

Sorry, can't help you there (no GNOME).
When I'm stuck for local documentation I try locate (mlocate as a user
whos a member of the group).

$ mlocate ppp | grep /share/man
$ mlocate ppp | grep README | grep /share/doc


If you could tell us what your modem[*1] is some of the GNOME users
could help you get gppp configured. Or there's wvdial, or pon/poff, if
you don't need a gui tool.

I promise, despite the unfortunate experiences of a few - for many
dialup networking in Debian is simple and reliable. :-)

Most cases like yours - where setting up a connection wasn't simple to
begin with, are usually fairly simple to resolve.

[*1] make and model, interface (eg, serial, pci/internal, USB), ISP,
If it's a wireless modem (3G) has it been initialised, does it use a
PIN, and, is it prepaid or postpaid?

Kind regards

Iceweasel/Firefox/Chrome/Chromium/Iceape/IE extensions for finding
answers to questions about Debian:-

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