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Re: data recovery tools for debian (command line)

Thanks, Ralf and all, you guys have given me a solid info to study on.


On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 6:08 PM, Ralf Mardorf
<ralf.mardorf@alice-dsl.net> wrote:
> On Thu, 2012-05-10 at 17:32 +0500, Muhammad Yousuf Khan wrote:
>> > For what file systems?
>> any, ext2, 3 or 4 . just asked in general perspective. so instead of
>> reading all the material on the net and filter out the garbage which
>> is very time consuming. so just to make my studies time efficient and
>> other like me also get some help as well.
> Parted Magic is a good live media to use.
> On Parted Magic there are command line tools such as ext3grep and
> extundelete and others.
> Mount the partition, where you deleted files as read only first. The
> recovered data will be written to another partition. Any writing to the
> partition with the deleted folders and files can overwrite important
> directory entries and/or data. Note, even reading can cause a write,
> IIRC e.g. if you don't mount with noatime, the last read access will be
> written to a file.
> I don't have all those commands and options in mind, but take care to
> use options that will recover the data in a human readable/usable
> format. IOW you'll get "/my_dir/my_file_a /my_dir/my_file_b" etc. and
> not "no_dir_cryptic_filename_a no_dir_cryptic_filename_b".
> They also have got options to recover data that is from a special time
> etc..
> All those tools for ext3 come with patches, they are usable for ext4,
> theoretically. In practice 99% of your data will be lost.
> I still have 2 unmounted ext4 partitions since December 2011. I nearly
> couldn't recover anything, but sure, I got back some data.

if that is the case do you mean i should shift from ext4 to ext3.
since i am using ext4 however there is no specific reason  of using

> I experienced recovering partition tables as working 100% perfect. If
> there are errors on a HDD I experienced fsck -fcyv, fsck -f -y etc. as
> working properly too.
> You should read howtos. Use links e.g. given from an updated Wiki, the
> home page of the current version of your recovery live media you're
> using etc.. You never know if there won't be new tools or important
> changes.
> Hth,
> Ralf
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