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Re: screwed up fonts and controls in both Iceweasel and Chromium

On 2012-05-10 16:48 +0200, Ilya Razenshteyn wrote:

> I have Debian Testing. On May, 9 I made an "apt-get dist-upgrade",
> which did the following updates:
> [ ... ]
> 2012-05-09 09:17:41 upgrade libcairo2:amd64 1.10.2-7 1.12.2-1
> 2012-05-09 09:17:42 upgrade libcairo-gobject2:amd64 1.10.2-7 1.12.2-1

You probably want to revert those to the 1.10.2-7 versions.  Get them
from snapshot.debian.org if the packages are no longer in your apt

> As a result, in both Iceweasel and Chromium some parts of text are
> badly screwed: instead of usual fonts, there is a bunch of chaotic
> dots.
> Also, evince screws up some pdfs generated by latex, which it didn't
> before. Is this the known issue?

Yes, bug #666468¹.  If you're using the nouveau driver, downgrading
libcairo* is your best bet.  No solution is in sight, unfortunately. :-(

Sorry for the bad news,

¹ http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=666468

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