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Miles Bader <miles@gnu.org> writes:

>It may also be a problem with your service provider -- I had a problem
>(back when I still used PPP) where the connection was getting dropped
>mysteriously, and [after much frustration trying to figure out what
>was happening] it turned out my provider didn't support TCP header
>compression; turning off that feature in PPP made everything work. 

>Apparently windows PPP clients didn't use header compression, so they
>didn't consider it an issue ... -miles

Not likely here. This pppd issue is the same problem I had back in 1996 when I was connecting to the local university. But now I am using a local small ISP. Two different providers, same problem. When pppd starts, it tries to negotiate the compression and this is accepted. So it is enabled. A few minutes later the connection simply stops working with an error message "Lost compression sync" in the log. So it is enabled, but the local system cannot keep track of it for some reason. That is either pppd itself or the kernel driver for serial connections. Disable "Van Jacobson" compression ("-novj" on the command line or edit the config file) and the problem goes away. What makes it so annoying is that it's sixteen years old. No one has bothered to fix this in over a decade?

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