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Re: Does anyone care about dialup?

Paul Zimmerman wrote:

> Why is it so difficult to get dialup to work in Linux?...

  make sure your modem is supported by linux,
install packages ppp and pppconfig, read a few
man pages, adjust a few scripts/config files,
make sure in the right groups, done.

  works well for me, and is certainly not a hog.

  if you have specific questions perhaps we can
help better...

  for errors with phone line, ISP, compression,
etc, then you can turn off/on compression with
the modem, or adjust to suit what the ISP says they 
have running and see what changes.  if it is noise 
on the phone line itself then that is taken care 
of by the phone company or you rerouting/fixing
your wires.

  as to specifics why gnome-ppp doesn't work and
bugs that's the usual "volunteers do what interests
them."  if you want it fixed, get the code and fix 
it.  if you want someone else to fix it, pay them.


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