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Re: Supermicro SAS controller

On Mon, 07 May 2012 14:35:31 +0000, Camaleón wrote:


> For the raided space, yes, but still you can "redistribute" the disk
> better.

Ah yes, this is true. 


>> I'd like using green drives for this system. So low power consumption
>> is a thing I try keep low. And until now they worked well (one false
>> positive in two years is ok)
> Remember that a raided system is more exigent than a non-raided one. If
> one of that "green" disks which is part of a raid level is put in stand-
> by/sleep mode and does not respond as quickly as mdadm expects, the raid
> manager can think the disk is lost/missing and will mark that disk as
> "failed" (or will give I/O erros...), forcing a rebuild, etc... :-/
> Those "green" disks can be good for using them as stand-alone devices
> for user backup/archiving but not for 24/365 nor a NAS nor something
> that requires quick access and fast speeds such a raid.

I haven't thought about that. So the controller must be a bit more 
patient ;-)
I will stay away from the green drives in future.

>>>> I have an i3 in that machine and 4 GB RAM. I'll see if this is enough
>>>> when I have to rebuild all the arrays :-)
>>> Mmm... I'd consider adding more RAM (at least 8 GB) though I would
>>> prefer 16-32 GB) you have to feed your little "big monster" :-)
>> That much :-O
> For RAM you never-ever get enough :-)
>> Ok, RAM is quite cheap and it shouldn't affect power consumption with
>> in comparison to >20 hard disks.
> Exactly, your system will be happier and you won't have to worry in
> increasing it for a near future (~5 years). My motto is "always fill
> your system with the maximum amount of RAM, as much as you can afford",
> you won't regret.

Ok this sounds reasonable. But for 16 GB RAM I can get a 2 TB disk. So I 
will have to sleep in it :-)

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