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Re: 2TB USB hard drive for backing up: XFS info

On Sunday, May 06, 2012 05:19:20, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> On Vi, 04 mai 12, 15:08:57, Chris Knadle wrote:
> > Speed is generally what XFS is good at, *except* when it comes to
> > deletion of a large number of files -- that's where it's slow.
> On advise of a list subscriber I have added the 'delaylog' mount option.
> This is supposed to help if you have a new enough kernel.

It took me a while to find a reference for what this setting does.  Having 
read the paragraph in the link below [it's question #40 when using the 
contents at the top of the page], it seems there's a speed benefit but also a 
risk of additional corruption in the case of an unclean shutdown.


As for the kernel -- I'm currently using Linux 3.3.4.  [I've been custom 
compiling my own kernel using make-kpkg from the 'kernel-package' package for 
a long time now.]

> > Also in practice I find that any kernel crash or hard-power-off corrupts
> > XFS to at least some extent requiring an xfs_check and xfs_repair, so I
> > have to make sure to keep a LiveCD on hand to be able to do this.
> I using xfs only on my laptop, so I have hard power-off only if the
> kernel crashes. I just did the xfs_check and xfs_repair now, but they
> didn't find any problems.

The last time I had a hard-power-off both of the XFS filesystems on my laptop 
came up clean also, however I did have corruption and had to clean out about a 
hundred files in /lost+found.  [Mostly temp files, but 'debsums -s' also 
reported files missing from packages, so I needed to reinstall several 
packages to fix that.]

  -- Chris

Chris Knadle
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