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Re: Safe-upgrade, My Worst Nightmare has Occurred.

Hello Martin,

Martin McCormick <martin@x.it.okstate.edu> wrote:
> 	Is there any way to make safe-upgrade at least attempt
> to go to the next task or at least report why it is stuck?

Your error description is a bit obscure, so I’ll have to ask for more

Currently running jobs:
- What is the output of ps auxw?
- Specifically, are there any commands listed as "D"?
- If so, what files does this process try to access at the moment
  (lsof -p <pid>)?
- Are there any commands listed in top/htop as pulling 100% 

- Is there anything in the output of dmesg that might point at the
- Is there anything in /var/log/{messages,syslog}?

Human error:
- Are you sure that safe-upgrade is stuck rather than simply waiting
  for some input?

Best regards,

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