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Re: debian on aacraid controller. - getting lots of errors.

On Thu, 03 May 2012 14:11:33 -0400, Joey L wrote:

> Thanks for your input - that was me asking the same type of question
> again. What I really need to know is how do I update latest Debian
> Squeeze DVD with the correct drivers for my controller? DO you know
> where I can get the latest aacraid driver for Debian ? 

Adaptect's driver comes alongside with the kernel, when you install a new 
kernel you get an updated "aacraid.ko" module.

> I think it is  an adaptec controller - but do not know which one or
> where to get or compile new driver.

Well, that's important, I mean, you have know what driver are you 
currently loading for the card ("lspci -vv" will tell, search for the 
RAID card and read what kernel module is loaded).



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