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Re: Install a package from testing?

On Tue, 01 May 2012 11:17:57 -0500, Nick Meyers wrote:

(and don't forget to reply at the bottom)

>> Hi... please, turn off html when posting, thanks :-)
>> (...)

> Yuck, I'm not sure I can turn html off from the hotmail interface. I use
> hotmail for stuff like this for the sake of safety. FWIW, I do have html
> disabled by default on Icedove, but I don't have this email account tied
> to that, so I have to use the web interface. I will ry to figure that
> out, but in the meantime I'll abstain from posting again, and...
> Apologies to all!

No need to apology nor avoid from posting!

Just configure your e-mail/webmail client as it should be ;-)




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