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Re: Anyway of keeping gnome2 while upgrading from Squeeze to Wheezy

On Fri, 2012-04-27 at 14:45 +0000, Camaleón wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Apr 2012 21:15:58 +0000, James Allsopp wrote:
> > I want to update from Squeeze to Wheezy but want to avoid Gnome 3 at all
> > costs, is there a way of doing this successfully?

Yes, switch to Xfce4 or LXDE :p.

> "At all costs"? Whether such possibility exists, the price will be very 
> high ;-)


> I would suggest against going that way. I'd better (in order of 
> preference):
> 1/ Give gnome-shell a chance, it deserves it.


> 2/ Use the fallback (now "classical") desktop. With higher doses of 
> patience it can be very configurable and enjoyable but remember it won't 
> last forever.

I experienced it as resource hungry.


> 3/ Keep Squeeze until it's unsupported.
> 4/ Choose another DE/WM.
> Greetings,

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