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Re: which errors are critical for integrity of ext[234] file system?

On Wed, 18 Apr 2012 22:56:40 +0000, Martin T wrote:

> I was playing with dd "conv=noerror" option. It continues reading the
> input file(for example HDD/SSD partition) even in case there are read
> errors. Which errors are critical for integrity of ext[234] file system?

"fsck" will tell and a system running with normality (no locks, hangs nor 
other weird behaviour) will confirm that extent.

> As I understand, Linux views the file system as a common set of objects-
> superblock(maintains and describes the state of the file system),
> inode(unique identifier for all the file system objects and contains
> necessary metadata), dentry(glues together inode number and file name),
> and file(bunch of bytes arranged in a certain order). Am I correct that
> if the main superblock is damaged, the spare one is used by fsck? 

Well, "man fsck.ext3" tells about "-b" flag but a success recover will 
depend on the damage level, there's nothing guaranteed.

> In addition, am I correct that if sectors which hold content of a file
> (for example .avi movie) are damaged, then only this file is corrupted
> but file system itself is in good shape?

If you are lucky enough so that the corruption is localized and affecting 
just one file, then yes, but that extreme barely happens :-)



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