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Re: how to change bubble size ?

On Thu, 19 Apr 2012 13:59:34 -0300, Iuri Guilherme dos Santos Martins

> Em 19-04-2012 13:07, Camaleón escreveu:

>>>>> Could any one suggest me a way to change the fontsize of the desktop
>>>>> bubble of notify-deamon ? It is too big ...
>>>> Are you in GNOME2/3?
>> (...)
>>> I'm using icewm. and the desktop theme controller is lxappearence
>> Ouch! You should have started from there>;-)
>> Sorry then, I don't know how "lxappearence" manages this.
> lxappearence does not manage this.
> You are probably talking about the libnotify used with gtk.

I can't tell. The OP said "notify-deamon" so I thought he was referring 
to the "notification-daemon" package...

> It is a black retangle with round edges and white font?



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