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Re: Which partition is which

Hello Jens,

Jens Tobiska <jtobiska@gmail.com> wrote:
> C: 139.80 GB NTFS, logical, boot
> D: 139.65 GB NTFS, primary, system
> In debian installer they appear as:
> #2 primary 149.9 GB ntfs B
> #5 logical 150.1 GB ntfs
> I would guess that #2=D and #5=C based on relative size and
> "logical/primary".


> However, I am a bit confused by the "B" (which I
> assume means "boot"), shouldn't that be on the logical/C partition?

Yes. But your Windows claims that D: is the system partition, hence I
would be a little bit wary regarding the question if it is really

Best regards,

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