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Re: Disk clicking and in increasing Load_Cycle_Count in laptop with debian/testing

>> to find how often the head get unloaded, I have completely prevented
>> this effect to occur.

>Notice that you have 2 problems:
>1- Unloading.
>2- Reloading.
>From where I stand, the unloading is normal, harmless, and even
>desirable so the real problem is: why is it re-loaded every 3 minutes?
>I'd recommend you use /proc/sys/vm/block_dump to try and figure it out.

OK. Unloading is normal harmless and so on... However what's strange in my case -
unloading occures, wehen I USE my laptop remotely.
(As my laptop has much higher performance than my desktop workstation, while the
workstation has better keyboard, mouse and monitor, I very often work via
remote ssh or X session).

When working remotely, the laptops screen remains black, and when I e.g.
edit my VHDL sources, loading may be simply caused by the autosave option in the editor.

So the problem is why there is a difference between work on local keyboard
 (no unloading/loading due to entering the idle state) and remote work?
I'd like to prevent the disk from entering the idle state, when working remotely...


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