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Mozilla Firefox installed without package-management

Everyone who wants or needs improved HTML5-support can download Mozilla Firefox
webbrowser here:
You get improved rendering-speed, the optional 'do not track' feature and more for
Installation instructions are here:
It is just a matter of unpacking the downloaded -.tar.bz2 archive in the home-directory
and making launch-icons, which point to the executable, in the desktop-panel and/or
directly on the desktop. Finally set Firefox as the system-default browser under
System/Preferences/Preferred Applications/Internet.
It all works completely painlessly on 64 bit architecture, should do on 32 bit, too.
The settings from your iceweasel-browser are transferred to firefox and re-used. So in my
humble opinion there is really no need at all to backport the unbranded iceweasel from
If it is equally easy to setup thunderbird, then I will use that instead of the
backported icedove, too and report this as a fix against my bug #640306. 
When you downloaded and installed Firefox, then please do read the Mozilla privacy policy:
then agree to it and sign up for their monthly newsletter.

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