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Re: [OT] Posting styles

On 07/04/12 20:25, Mika Suomalainen wrote:
> On 07.04.2012 12:48, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 07/04/12 19:28, Mika Suomalainen wrote:
>>> On 07.04.2012 12:11, Wayne Topa wrote:
>>>> On 04/07/2012 04:16 AM, Mika Suomalainen wrote:
>>>>> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1
>>>> <---snip -- >
> http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/#codeofconduct

Pay particular attention to the last point two points and consider how
many people endorse your line of reasoning.


> If I understood correctly, it also means that there is no checking is
> email address spoofed or not.

Spam control using SPF maybe??

ie. not requiring people subscribe has nothing to do with checking that
messages come from valid mailers.

Unmoderated means no official moderator/s, not that the list isn't
self-moderating. ;-)

NOTE: I'm not telling you *not* to sign your mails - just your
justification for doing so is false, and your signature is invalid.

If the signature was valid, those of us that do use Engimail *wouldn't*
see that chunk of text.

Kind regards

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