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Re: Debian From Scratch Revisited

[odd--I never saw these replies in D-U-Ds 544-546, and
so am replying via the website]

It seems there isn't much interest here so I'll forego
the cookbook.

Interested parties should understand Debian IS IN FACT
based upon source packages and all binary packages are
built from these Debianized source packages, and have
been for a very long time.  It's just that that's all
under the covers so you have to crack open the Debian
Developer documentation to discover and learn how to
use the magic.

It is probably more useful to think of building a
platform-optimized Debian environment as Debian From
Source rather than Debian From Scratch.  Anyone who
understands how to construct a (perhaps cross-platform)
target system from source using a sufficient build
platform employing chroot and the usual development
tools should have no trouble building and then
maintaining a Debian From Source system after some
reading of the Policy Guide and the Developer's
Reference.  Get a friend to download the docs for you
if you want to do it while hidden in a closet.  If
you're really concerned, maybe the friend will set up
a stealthful unregistered source mirror for you to use,
too. ;-^

If you have the horsepower, use it.  You'll probably
be glad you did.  I expect to be.

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