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Re: debian-faq (was ... Re: upgrade to Wheezy fails with aptitude)

On Friday 06 April 2012 21:38:44 Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> On Vi, 06 apr 12, 20:54:47, Lisi wrote:
> > That is about spelling, not grammar.  Since requires the perfect tense.
> > It is quite simply wrong in English to say "since.... installs".  Leave
> > out the words "since Lenny", and "installs" becomes correct, but loses
> > some of the intended meaning.
> Debian documentation is generally written in US English, does the above
> still apply?

I have done some Googling.  It appears that the present tense _can_ sometimes 
be used with "since" in the USA.

None-the-less, in the USA the perfect tense with since is perfectly 
acceptable, which means that the perfect tense would be OK in both the USA 
and the UK.

So, you are right to ask the question, Andrei.  But using the perfect would 
upset no-one, whereas using the present tense would. ;-)


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