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Debian From Scratch Revisited

Okay, I looked into Source Mage after I found myself in possession of a quad-core 4GB hand-me-down box that could actually permit me to undertake a full production platform built entirely from source packages. While the distribution's reduced overall rigidity was appealing and it was good to examine their approach, it has proven to be unsatifactory for my requirements, so I'm back to my when-its-absolutely-etc. distribution since release 1.0^H1.

The latest item I encountered about DFS is from April 2006 and it apparently never reached version 1.00 (maybe somebody remembers the story). Thus, it looks like I need to reinvent that wheel by absorbing all the pertinent DD docs and diving in. I would be willing to write a cookbook if there is enough interest.

I am thinking the cookbook should target intermediate GNU/Linux users (I'd send the newbies to LFS to learn the basics before attempting DFS). I expect potential DFSers would want to build an optimized Debian without having to become (or even appear to be interested in becoming) a full maintainer in the process; i.e., keep a low profile.

This topic may belong on the D-D list. I expect encouraging people to build and update from source without fear of incurring any pressure to become a maintainer would help them discover through the experience they each in fact actually have within them the potential to become a really useful engine^H^H^H^H^H^Hmaintainer.

I would appreciate any tips and pointers that would help me make up the time lost investigating SM. I subscribe to D-U-Digest but may go realtime if this generates significant discussion.

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