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Re: Make fully encrypted disk without LVM during install

On 01/04/12 08:27, J.A. de Vries wrote:
> This time I need my disk to be easily portable, so I prefer to have a
> fully encrypted disk without LVM

The system on which you might want to read the disk will need to know
how to decrypt it.  Do you anticipate hot-plugging it to a running
machine, or trying to boot from it?

The convenience-partitioning-scheme offered by d-i which uses LVM and
encryption also creates a non-encrypted, non-LVM /boot partition, within
which the kernel and initramfs are stored. These are set up to
understand how to interpret both the encryption and LVM.  I'm having
trouble seeing why LVM would be much more pain than encryption already
brings you, from a portable POV. (I suppose it's one fewer command to

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