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Re: how to increase space for tmpfs /tmp

On 2012-03-28 18:32:25 +0100, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Applications should not be selfish, and should not blindly fill it.
> Take the streaming media example from earlier today.  Is it
> appropriate to dump potentially limitless streams of data to /tmp?
> /Obviously/, it's going to be filled to capacity at some point; any
> application not coping with this /inevitability/ is broken.
> If it's being streamed, isn't buffering sufficient?  Otherwise, it
> might as well be termed "downloading".  And in the example of /tmp
> being filled by big downloads, is /tmp the appropriate place for
> that, either?  I would personally say no.  That's not its purpose.

FYI, Firefox/Iceweasel uses /tmp for that. For instance, click on
a link to a PDF file to view it with a PDF viewer; the file is
stored in /tmp. It isn't even removed after the application is
closed (quitting Iceweasel has the effect to remove it, but the
browser can run for several days/weeks).

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