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Re: OT: change of mail provider

On Sun, 01 Apr 2012 14:35:49 +0100, Keith McKenzie wrote:

> On 01/04/12 14:20, Camaleón wrote:
>> May I ask about the reasons for ditching Gmail from your life?
>> I'm more than tempted to do it so but I have still not found a good
>> replacement for my Gmail e-mail address.
> I use Hotmail (for receiving junk), Yahoo, & Gmail. I have Icedove fetch
> my mail, & reply from it. If it is only the annoyance of the Gmail
> interface you dislike, give Icedove a try.

I don't use Gmail's webmail but Mutt and Pan (newsreader). 

What I want to avoid is Google getting too deep into my life.



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