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Re: printer Kyocera FSC-5100DN

On Sat, 31 Mar 2012 20:28:09 +0200, Leonard Le-Rey wrote:

> 2012/3/31 Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com>:
>> On Fri, 30 Mar 2012 20:00:23 +0200, Leonard Le-Rey wrote:
>>> 2012/3/30 Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk>:
>> (...)
>>>> The PDF file is unlikely to be the problem.
>>> It is obviously not a driver problem, as the driver from Kyocera is
>>> the most recent and works fine on other systems (such as Ubuntu
>>> 11.10).
>> (...)
>> You can't know unless you try with a different driver (either generic
>> PS or PCL6) ;-)
>> You can also try to print a different PDF file with the usual PPD to
>> discard a problem in the pdfLaTex generated file. With a bit of luck
>> you'll be able to find a failure pattern.
> Hey guys, thanks for your answers!
> So the current state is the following:
> 1.) With the Generic-PCL-6-PCL-XL, everything works fine and the PDF is
> printed without any problems. This is fine for me for the moment, of
> course, duplex and some other options are not available.

Hey, good :-)

As Brian says, that PPD file should include duplex printing options, if 
we carefully look inside we can see the available options:


*OpenUI *Duplex/Double-Sided Printing: PickOne

> 2.) With the PPD driver offered by Kyocera on their website or with the
> driver offered by Debian/Testing, the printing of PDF documents might
> fail (especially longer ones). On the other hand, it is no problem to
> print a long Libre Office Writer document, with lots of pictures.

When you encounter a problematic PDF file that rejects from printing, try 
to convert it into PS and print instead the postscript file (you can use 
GNOME or KDE embedded virtual printer to get a PS file or use "gs" to make 
the conversion).

> So as you suggested, it is probably a cups problem. I have seen that
> someone installed the cups of Ubuntu 11.10 for a similiar problem with
> another printer...?

I would avoid that path. Any problem with Cups package should be reported 
to Debian BTS so it can be corrected and all of Debian users benefit of it.



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