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Re: simple stand-alone firewall

* Russell L. Harris <rlharris@broadcaster.org> [120324 07:15]:
> >From the standpoint of protection of a LAN (two or three machines) for
> a home or home office... 
> Is there a good firewall application in Debian which provides a secure
> default configuration?  Or must I learn how to configure a firewall?

I thank all of you for the response.  I have read the various
recommendations and have printed them out for reference.

Meanwhile -- because my need is immediate -- I chose to go with the
IPCop system, which is a branch of SmoothWall GPL, but now appears to
have advanced beyond SmoothWall.  IPCop version 2 is very easy to
install and get running, using the default rules.

So now that I have running a replacement for the failed D-Link
DIR-615, I have the leisure to study and consider other approaches.


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