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Re: printer Kyocera FSC-5100DN

On Fri 30 Mar 2012 at 16:29:40 +0200, Leonard Le-Rey wrote:

> Debian testing (wheezy) has recognized the network printer Kyocera
> FSC-5100DN correctly, I have first taken the driver offered by Debian
> and then the one offered by Kyocera. If I print I standard text
> document created for eg. by Libre Office, it works fine. If I want to
> print a PDF produced by pdfLaTex, it might print one page but if I
> print a larger amount, I get the following printout error message:
> undefined
> m
> --nostringval--
> 133

The reported bugs against the cups-filters package might interest you
sufficiently to see where you get if you installed the version in
unstable. Reading the changelog is advisable.

> and nothing is printed anymore. KPDL is put on AUTO and I have to say,
> that in Ubuntu 11.10, the printer is recognized as well and the native
> Ubuntu driver has been install. On this computer, printing of the same
> document works without any problems. I can print the docs only if I
> generate PS files. Furthermore, I have to mention that there was once
> some problem on Ubuntu systems wich might be related:

CUPS in Ubuntu 11.10 is different from CUPS in Wheezy in ways which do
not involve PPD files. 

> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/foomatic-db/+bug/442451
> Attached a PDF where this problem appears. Is there a way to take the
> Ubuntu PPD file? And if, how I get it to try on the Debian system?

The PDF file is unlikely to be the problem. 

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