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Re: how to increase space for tmpfs /tmp

On Sat, 24 Mar 2012, Joey Hess wrote:
> shirish शिरीष wrote:
> > I got this error, does anybody know how I can give more space to tmpfs ?
> > 
> > Downloaded, time 4575.50sec, speed 29kB/sec,
> > texlive-latex-extra-doc_2009-10_2011.20120322-1_all.debdelta
> >  Error: applying of delta for texlive-latex-extra-doc failed:  :
> > Sorry, not enough disk space (581788kB) in directory /tmp for applying
> > delta (needs 668963kB) (retriable)
> Edit /etc/default/rcS, set RAMTMP=no, reboot. Or, set TMPDIR to point to
> something like $HOME/tmp

You don't need to reboot because of the size change.

"mount -o remount,size=<desired size> /tmp"  works, at least for
increasing size.  One of the good things of a tmpfs is that you can
resize it dynamically.

> You may also consider filing a bug, since the more people report
> problems with Debian's new, absurdly small /tmp, the more likely it
> is to get fixed.

Hmm, yes, it can certaily be raised by popular demand.  But what would
probably help more is a set of profiles of /tmp sizes based on the
amount of system ram to provide the initial default size.

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