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Re: simple stand-alone firewall

>Is there a good firewall application in Debian which provides a secure
>default configuration?  Or must I learn how to configure a firewall?

The package: 'arno-iptables-firewall' will do that. You will have to tell it
how you're connecting (e.g. eth0) but after that it will configure a
'default' script. It will give you a 'stealth' classification on the grc.com
'shields up' port prober..possibly a false sense of security but fun to watch.

I use shorewall myself, there's good examples presented with the package in
how to configure the various files you can use those examples with some
obvious local tweaking and get good results even if you don't know what
you're doing.

You won't get a 'stealth' rating at grc. Shorewall seems to leave port 0
visible but closed. I don't know why this is but would be interested to know
if someone on this list knew the reason.

What is the deal with port 0?


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