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Re: OT Apache Open Office

On 11/03/12 22:09, Greg Madden wrote:
> I have been using dev builds, now rc's, of AOO for a while now. For my work, > archived documents& templates this is working out better, for my use scenario,
> than LO ver 3.4.x and later.
> There are differences between AOO& LO, significant enough to warrant having a
> choice in Debian of which one to use.
> Users can try it out:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OOOUSERS/AOO+3.4+Unofficial+Developer+Snapshots

Well, basically most of OO devs moved to LO. LO sanitized the code by translating German comments and variables so everybody can collaborate. They started to liberate new versions at a constant path. They moved to the ODF, that from my point of view is great advantage over being fucked over by Oracle (read this like losing traction from the community) and being spilled over Apache Fundation to see if they could bring it back to life...

Dont take me wrong, I love OO, thats why I like to choose LO where the OO body (code) and spirit (community) has been moved to.

Only time will tell what project survives, I just hope its sooner than later, and i hope its LO. These are not 2 different projects that give us choice. Its the same but better (for the reasons I just mentioned)


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