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Re: OT Apache Open Office

On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 01:09:10PM -0800, Greg Madden wrote:
> I have been using dev builds, now rc's, of AOO for a while now. For my work, 
> archived documents & templates this is working out better, for my use scenario, 
> than LO ver 3.4.x and later.

That's interesting. Do you mean there are things you can open with AOO that
won't open with LO? That surprises me, because I was under the impression
that LO had moved on *a lot* from OO, and AOO had not.  So either I'm wrong,
or LO has regressed in some cases.

> There are differences between AOO & LO, significant enough to warrant having a 
> choice in Debian of which one to use.

Someone will have to step up and put the work in to package AOO, for the
choice to exist "in Debian".

Jon Dowland

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