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Re: free software mini pc

On Sb, 10 mar 12, 11:01:27, Joel Rees wrote:
> As for your requirements, I've been looking and hoping for longer than
> you, and now I think it's expecting too much. Think about cars at the
> beginning of the last century. My father used to tell me about his
> buddies who used hand-operated windshield wipers. (He was a teenager
> between WWI and WWII.) As much as we would rather have off-the-shelf
> stuff, that is not the state of the industry.

Not sure if you are talking about my requirements or the OP's, but if 
this one had a DVB-C(2) tuner I'd buy one
(my TV already has DVB-T, which I can't use anyway)

This one
is also great, but:
- the USB3 port is slave
- no Gigabit Ethernet

Looking around the internet it seems at least with the HD2 you get root 
telnet access, so I'm guessing it shouldn't be to hard to install Debian 
on it :D

Kind regards,
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