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Re: ntp package. Client by default?

On 05/03/12 22:35, Jon Dowland wrote:
On Mon, Mar 05, 2012 at 12:38:52PM -0700, Bob Proulx wrote:
The entire purpose of ntp is to interact on the network.  Not doing
this would be similar to installing sshd and then wanting it not to
listen to the network.  That would severely reduce its usefulness.  If
you install ntp then there is an expectation that it will behave like
ntp and interact with the network.

Clearly it needs to act as a client to ntpds elsewhere.  But perhaps it
shouldn't act as a server and permit ntp clients from anywhere to poll time
from it. Or perhaps it is not the right package to install, or recommend to
install, for people who want just an ntp client?

As i understand it, to use ntpdate is discouraged, because it can make your machine go back in time among other things.

its superseded by ntpd -q
-q Exit the ntpd just after the first time the clock is set. This behavior mimics that of the ntpdate program, which is to be retired. The -g and -x options can be used with this option. Note: The kernel time discipline is disabled with this

it should interact with the network as a client, not as a server by default. Even in your lan, even if you are behind a firewall. If you want a ntp server in your lan, you want one machine as a server, and the rest only as a client. I fail to see the logic to act as a server by default. And so I opened bug #662770


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