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Re: ntp package. Client by default?

John Hasler wrote:
> Ntp should listen on the LAN by default but there is no reason for
> it to listen on the _WAN_ by default.

But the difference between those two things depends upon how the
network is configured outside of the local host machine.  In other
words, how is the local host machine to know that an ethernet device
is a LAN device or a WAN device?

The eth0 interface may be attached on a private LAN with an RFC1918
address such as  Or it might have eth0 configured on
the global and hostile internet with  Or it might have a
non-RFC1928 address but only be connected to a LAN.  How should the
ntp scripted configuration know this?

Should it try to match against RFC1918 address space and make
assumptions at that point?  Because as far as I can see that would be
the only way to have any clue at all that an ethernet device is either
a LAN or WAN.  That would mostly work except for when a public IP
address is used on a private LAN space of which there are a lot of
networks set up that way.


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