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Re: Changing processor

>>From: Claudius Hubig <nfs_2012@chubig.net>:
>>If you are still using the default kernel, i. e. did not recompile
>>your own and threw out ‘unneeded’ options/modules, everything will be

Thanks Claudius. It is always better to ask "before" buy. I didn't
recompile or anything. Just keep the system updated via synaptic.
That's all.

>>If you have not installed amd64 but rather i386 initially, it might
>>still be a good idea to reinstall using amd64,

Yep. All 64 bits, hardware and software. And the 775 socket is ok. Checked.

>>Best regards,

Thanks the tip! I'm going to risk it now! :)

My best,

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