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USB keyboard is not detected when debian-DVD booting starts


I have a problem with usb-keyboard while installing the debian squeeze. I mean the key board is not detected after DVD booting starts, so the screen keeps waiting for input from user to press 'install' in the first GUI that appears from DVD

I am trying to install debian squeeze using debian-64bit-amd DVD-1 iso to my new intel atom board (GA-D425TUD) having intel atom D425 processor.

I tried:
with different ports of back panel of the board
different usb 2.0 keyboards and also ps2 based keyboards

few clue:
> the bios can able to detect the usb keyboard at all the ports
> usb mouse can able to get power from the usb ports  but the keyboard is not able to get power, i confirmed this by seeing the status of the led of num/scrol/caps key locks. keyboard does not respond after DVD booting starts.
> when i try to install with window 7 the key board is detected properly and futher installation proceeds well.

if possible, please help me with any instant solution/suggestion.

please ask if more details needed,
please help me.

regards Ram

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