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Re: Network-manager woes (wifi)

On 03/01/2012 01:33 PM, Camaleón wrote:

After a recent set of updates in wheezy (it could be the kernel package
that was updated to 3.2.6 but I'm not sure) "network-manager" is going
crazy asking for the AP password every five minutes (disconnects-asks-
reconnects... disconnects-asks-reconnects... disconnects-asks-
reconnects... disconnects-asks-reconnects, and so on).

In addition, sometimes is unable to remember the password (which I have
to re-type again and again) and if I cancel the box dialog I get a second
one with a different color: the first is black -the usual for the new
gnome-shell adwaita theme- while the second is grey -the usual style for

It was working pretty stable all this time but it's unusable in its
current state.

Is anyone facing this issue?

Not here with linux-image-3.2.6-1 and network-manager on wheezy.


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