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[OT]: Printing to file from Adobe Acrobat's reader

I was the happiest of Evince user, with only a vague, remote remembrance of Acrobut horrors... until... this werid PDF document for work came, claiming it contains some forms and can only be opened with Adobe's Acrobat bloat... After trying almost any available PDF reader on linux I reluctantly download the thing, installed it and correctly opened the document.

Now, I was hoping to find the familiar "Print to file" printer do a pdf or ps print and get rid of Acrobat as soon as possible (in fact, for example it had already seemed to have hijacked my firefox pdf behaviour without anyone asking it to). Turns out this is not possible and the only other options (apart from the physical printers) is a lp command...

Googling led me to lpr and cups-pdf which, once installed, gives a neat printer called, unsurprisingly, "PDF". But, when I try printing with that - you guess -I get an error with a totally uninformative message showing lpr usage. his does not happen with, say, libreoffice which will correctly print a document to my ~/PDF directory.

Any help to liberate me from the beast will be highly appreciated.


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